African-American Classics

W.E.B. Du Bois, Zora Neale Hurston, and Langston Hughes in illustrated form on the cover of African-American Classics.

Congratulations to editor Tom Pomplun, whose Graphic Classics Vol. 22, African-American Classics, receives a glowing full-page review by critic Rob Thomas in The Capital Times (week of Feb. 15-21). Thomas writes:

The 22 pieces in this terrific collection, all by African-American illustrators, bring to life short stories and poems by America’s earliest African-American writers, some famous, others largely lost to the shifting winds of time and brought back to life here. As a collection of fine writing and illustrating, as well as a window into the mind of the African-American artist of generations ago, the collection is indispensable.

Tom Pomplun was for ten years the graphic designer for Rosebud magazine before launching Graphic Classics. I had the pleasure of reviewing Graphic Classics: Mark Twain (2004) and Graphic Classics: O. Henry (2005) in Cambridge Book Review. (Tom also designed the memorable cover for Walk Awhile in My Autism, published in 2005 by CBR Press and still selling briskly.)

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