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Franny and Zombie

You know that photo of an angry wizened J. D. Salinger at a car window? Remind you of anything? Why, of course. The graveyard zombie at the car window in the opening scene of George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.

J.D. Salinger (1988)

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Judy Endow profile in New York Times

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Cambridge Book Review Press author Judy Endow (Making Lemonade: Hints for Autism’s Helpers) was recently profiled in the New York Times. Story includes photos and an audio interview. Congratulations, Judy!

Cottonbound: An Audio Chapbook

Madison poet Norma Gay Prewett visited us in Cambridge to record several pieces of poetry and prose centered around her mother, who died four years ago on Prewett’s 56th birthday. Cottonbound: An Audio Chapbook is now online at Cambridge Book Review. Here’s a sample:

Bill of Lading / Norma Gay Prewett

A chewed-looking Styrofoam snowman head,
++++++Black felt pipe, googly stuffed-animal eyes
++++++(also the bag of eyes, I discover later)
A sweater that smells disagreeable unless it is your mom’s
++++++An ocher clipping with a penned-in arrow
++++++To my head—”My Daughter” as if I don’t
++++++Recall sitting in turpentine at Methodist art camp
Some recipes she never used, but carefully copied longhand
++++++Swedish meatballs, ham loaf, Hanukkah cookies
++++++Did she know we were not Jewish? Did she know
The people in the multi-picture frame, never filled with us,
++++++So beautiful and fresh, having action-packed fun?
++++++She never saw the sea, but pictures of the sea—
++++++Did she long for the thrum of waves on pebble?
Some hanks of yarn, maybe free, from the spinners where
++++++Her working life began at fifty, where she nearly
++++++Fell in love with her foreman, but for her bad heart
Her bad heart, to my brother, who died with it in his chest.
++++++Her Ozark drawl, her temper, her madwalk to my sis-
++++++ter; her terror of twisters to all, her scrawl she left
++++++backwards, to her ma. After all, most say I got
Her hazel eyes, her love of fun, her Irish hair, and the low
++++++Thyroid that left her brows and mine scant
++++++She left her death-day as my birthday, to me, alone.

Recall: A Short Story

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Caffeine & Other Stories by Bob Wake

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